Ph.D. Application


Our Ph.D. program is designed to help students build a strong foundation in his/her chosen major and minor fields for further academic and research specialization. We are deeply committed to our position as the innovator and leader in developing educators and researchers in business administration, and in continuously monitoring changes in social needs and direction.

Most of the classes for the Ph.D. Program, as well as the MBA Program and EMBA Program, are conducted in the Japanese language. Students will engage in extensive discussions in class as well as undertake preparatory reading and writing assignments. The entrance examination is also held in Japanese. Therefore a good command of Japanese is indispensable for foreign students to study at KBS.

Guidelines for Applicants

The entrance examination for the Ph.D. course is held annually in February. Of the applicants who satisfy the set criteria, a maximum of eight will be admitted. A Japanese language application form is available on our Japanese website.

Prerequisites for admission

Applicants wishing to take the entrance examination must satisfy one of the following criteria

  1. Completed a master's degree course, or expected to complete a master's course from a graduate school.
  2. Awarded a degree equivalent to a master's degree from an overseas educational institution.
  3. Recognized by KBS as having academic capabilities equal or superior to graduates of a master's course.

Selection Process

The examination consists of a written test, an English test, and an interview. To check the examination schedule, please see the application form available on our Japanese website.


Entrance examination held in winter

Application Period January 11 - 28, 2019
Screening February 10, 2019
Announcement of the results of the Screening February 10, 2019
Registration Period February 13 - 25, 2019