Ph.D. Required Courses

Ph.D. program
Major Business administration
Admission April
Number of students to be admitted 8
Degrees to be granted Ph.D. in Business Administration

Required Courses

The program's course work consists of the following four categories:

1) Advanced Doctoral Courses(two credits each)

Students must earn at least eight credits. Topics covered in this category include: Decision Making, Financial Institution Management, Management Science, Management Information Systems, Business Policy and Strategy, International Business, Industrial Organization, Consumer Behavior, Operations Management, Organizational Behavior, Organization Strategy, Management of Multinational Corporations, Marketing, Corporate Strategy, Business Environment, Accounting, Finance, Human Resource Management, and Logistics.

2) Field Study

This category allows students to conduct practical research in a real business context. The field study courses focus on field research and case development enabling students to prepare for the case study research papers that are required in the next step of the program. Students are required to complete two courses for four credits.

3) Advanced Research Seminars

Each seminar consists of four elements:

  1. Guidance from advisors in preparing for the dissertation
  2. Theoretical research
  3. Case studies
  4. Various types of exercise that form the basis of the dissertation.

Students are required to complete two courses for four credits.

4) Case Method Courses of MBA Program

In case students have not completed an MBA, they need to complete MBA core courses to experience the case method. Most doctoral courses and seminars are conducted in Japanese, so a good command of Japanese is indispensable to complete the program.