Special Lecture Series 2015
Commemorating a start of Executive MBA Program

KBS is hosting the Special Lecture Series 2015 commemorating the start of Executive MBA Program.

KBS started the Executive MBA program, the first program offered in Japan, in April 2015. This program is designed for the middle management executives who have fifteen (15) years or more professional careers. The program provides a mutual learning arena for those who have high grounds of mind-set and integrity  with rich professional experiences. While fulfilling their professional duties and responsibilities, the students are discussing critical issues the society is faced with, formulating new visions applicable to both  inside and outside of organizational structures. The EMBA program of KBS aims to nurture innovative leaders who strive to realize such new visions.   

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Outlines of the lectures are available as PDF formats to better understand the value of educational and research contents that KBS provides.


Video clip of the lecture:
"Theory and implementation of global innovation management" by Professor ASAKAWA, Kazuhiro


Vol.1 Do CEOs matter? SAITO, Takuji PDF LINK
Vol.2 Global Innovation Management: Theory and Practice ASAKAWA, Kazuhiro PDF LINK
Vol.3 Theory of Business Producing IWAMOTO, Takashi    PDF LINK
Vol.4 A Scientific Approach to the Mechanism of Tax MURAKAMI, Yutaro  PDF LINK
Vol.5 “coming soon” OKADA, Masahiro   coming soon