Features of the Executive MBA Program

Education Philosophy

Contributing towards development of society through cultivating outstanding new innovative leaders with a spirit of self-reliance, respect for others, clear sense of mission, enlightened perception and bold execution.

EMBA Program Features

KBS brings together people from diverse business sectors in and outside Japan to learn from each other using KBS's unique case method instruction.

Learning together with Key Players

  • Program participants are mid-career executives in their late 30s and early 40s with more than 15 years of professional experience
  • Meeting place for highly talented next-generation business and organization leaders
  • Program well suited for Japanese management practices

Flexible Approach to Work and Study

  • EMBA candidates continue to play important roles as executives while earning their degrees, and immediately apply the learning at work
  • Intensive program structure with classes on Saturdays and seasonal short-term study camps allows the completion of the program while working

Sharpening Management Skills

  • Interactive and participation-oriented classes based on KBS's unique case method with more than 50 years of history
  • Strengthen eight core-management skills needed to become proficient in fundamentals of management

Becoming Global Leaders

  • Experiencing the cutting edge of management through field research of companies and discussions with business leaders
  • Diverse field courses in and outside Japan for cultivating global management skills