Seven Aspects of the EMBA Curriculum


Degree requirements

Successful completion of the degree requires enrollment for two academic years with completed course requirements in each of the subject groups (Core Courses, Elective Courses, Individual Research Courses, Visionary Project Courses, etc.). In addition, students must receive a defined amount of academic credit and pass both specific assignments and the final examination.
Upon fulfillment of the above conditions, students are awarded the KBS Master of Business Administration Degree.

Seven Aspects of the Program

Core Courses
Acquiring the core skills necessary to understand the foundations of management and their practical applications
Field Courses
Finding new opportunities in the actual market and learning to handle management problems from the top decision-maker's viewpoint.
Discussion with Leaders Courses
Participating in discussions with business executives to foster the development of personal leadership skills and management philosophy
Elective Courses
Mastering the highest level in versatile specialized skills with global applications
Global Management Seminar Courses
Understanding the diversity of mindsets and thought patterns around the world
Individual Research Courses
Learning to identify and solve problems based on one's own awareness of issues
Visionary Project Courses
The art of persuasion and expressing one's vision