Report of Special lecture held on January 29th

By Yoshihiko Sakamoto (M37)

This is a report in regards to the special lecture by Yayoi Masuda, who is a former Nike Asia Pacific Ocean region Human Resources Director held on January 29th, 2015 at the Collaboration Complex Building of the Keio Hiyoshi campus.

She not only talked about her experiences at Levi's and Nike directly, but also made exercises for participants, such as "Introduce yourself in 10 seconds" or "Confirm how we can listen to what the other party is saying". Through these activities we were able to understand the message that had been implied in her book at a much deeper level.

Feedbacks by participants were as below:
-Time passed very quickly and at the same time I was able to understand the message of her book
-I felt the importance of all exercises
-It was one of the most impressive sessions in my life

In addition to our daily MBA classes, we had an opportunity to understand the real experience at the forefront. This is one of the attractive features of Keio Business School where we can learn not only from the academic perspective but also the business perspective.

We learned from this lecture that we should not be passive about what we learn and experience but be active in the decisions we have made to change ourselves for the better.

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