AAPBS/KBS Case Workshop 2016

AAPBS/KBS Case Workshop 2016 was held on July 14 and 15 at Keio Business School (KBS), Yokohama Japan.

It was a collaborative academic event, focusing on case method education, sponsored by AAPBS and hosted by KBS. AAPBS has been striving to promote the development and expansion of case method education in the region. Together with KBS, having the longest history of management education in Japan, AAPBS offered this advanced-level Workshop. Twenty-three (23) participants from seven (7) countries participated the workshop.

On Day 1, Professor Asakawa from KBS led interactive discussions on class planning and management of classroom case discussion. Through active exchange of participants' views and mock-classroom discussions where the participants took turns to act as instructors and students, they analyzed the way how case method class be managed to generate effective results. The participants and Professor Asakawa also conducted broad discussions, such as on the relationship of research and case development and issues and challenges that the participants are faced with.

On Day 2, Professor Takeuchi from Tokushima Bunri University appeared and led discussions with the participants on the institutional practice and development of case method education. Subjects of active discussions included a variety of conditions that lead institutions to practice case method education, the future outlook of case-method education and somewhat contradictory relationship of sophistication and diffusion of case method education. In the afternoon of Day 2, participants paid a visit to the Head Quarters of Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. which is the company that the case used on Day 1 referred to. In the session at Nissan with the company's officers, discussions were made on the history and future of Nissan/Renault alliance.

Participants' comments to the post-event questionnaire were very positive responding that their perspectives and overall understanding on case method education were further deepened.