Learning for Executive Leadership

Keio University's Graduate School of Business Administration (KBS) was established in 1962, making it the first of its kind in Japan. From the outset, KBS has developed programs and carried out research activities to train top management staff and leaders who can be entrusted with the future of Japanese management and corporate society.

The Executive MBA (EMBA) Program was established in 2015 to fulfill this mission. While traditional MBA programs are a full-time commitment, Keio's EMBA program targets core personnel in industry, imposing a minimum of 15 years of work experience as a condition for admission and offering classes mainly on Saturdays. This program is designed for those who seek to hone their management skills while continuing to work in their current professions.

The EMBA program aims to achieve the following outcomes.

First, that working adults with business experience are able to brush up on systematic and relevant knowledge and case studies. Second, that these case studies will help them develop skills needed to identify and solve problems at their own company. Third, that these professionals reflect on their positions and acquire a sense of passion, mission, and aspiration as managers. Fourth, that graduates from the EMBA will walk away understanding that they must not only tackle daily short-term challenges, but also consider issues 30 to 50 years from now, and envision ways to create ideal conditions for the companies and industries across Japan, Asia, and the globe.

Developing these kinds of leaders is at the core of what the EMBA Program seeks to achieve. People who explore essential management concerns and potential ways they can contribute to society and their organization. People who have a deep passion and sense of mission, thoughtfully leading their organization and those around them in new directions. People who can think about the way management and a society should be from a global perspective.

At KBS, students and faculty members engage in friendly competition, learning from each other and growing together in an environment that emphasizes Keio's philosophy of "learning while teaching, and teaching while learning." We believe that this is the type of environment which fosters true world-class leadership.

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