Skills Acquired in EMBA Curriculum

  1. 1.Perspective of leaders and the ability to communicate vision to others
    Able to grasp geopolitical risks and market opportunities from a global perspective, and to communicate to internal and external stakeholders the vision that will drive the organization
  2. 2.Ability to create business models
    The capacity to build business models that reflect cutting-edge technological trends and meeting new demands that fit with the changing times
  3. 3.Essential management expertise
    Knowledge of functional areas (finance, accounting, production, marketing, organization, strategy, economics, decision-making, etc.) that should be acquired by people occupying top management positions, and the ability to apply new and advanced technologies managerial scenarios
  4. 4.Values that are ethically, socially, and publicly conscious
    Able to make business decisions based on a strong sense of integrity and in line with social and ethical values (e.g., decisions navigating legality, sustainability, gender equality, etc.)
  5. 5.International mindset
    Able to understand cultural and regional values from around the world and make decisions about current events using a global perspective.

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