Skills Acquired in MBA Curriculum

KBS has established the following learning objectives for each subject to improve students' ability to approach management from multiple perspectives.
This system has students evaluate themselves before and after taking each course. Faculty members apply the insights gained from these evaluations to the classes they teach.

  1. 1.Strong Leadership Skills
    Possesses the skills necessary to be a leader in an organization.
    • Able to make decisions to establish organizational goals and carry them out.
    • Can facilitate relationship building and collaboration with stakeholders inside and outside an organization.
  2. 2.Ability to create business models
    Possesses the capacity to conceptualize new business models.
    • Able to analyze new business opportunities and risks.
    • Capable of creating a business plan that summarizes new business opportunities and risks.
  3. 3.Essential management expertise
    Possesses and can apply specialized knowledge necessary for management.
    • Possesses general knowledge of all major areas of management and has expertise in a specialized area.
    • Understands the theory, methodology, and analytical tools related to management.
    • Able to skillfully apply specialized and cross-disciplinary knowledge to real-world management scenarios.
  4. 4.Values that are ethically, socially, and publicly conscious
    Possesses high ethical standards and a strong sense of social and public responsibility.
    • Able to respond appropriately to issues related to ethics and social responsibility.
    • Capable of understanding and accepting diverse values and cultures.
  5. 5.International mindset
    Possesses a global perspective and can respond to globally relevant issues.
    • Understand of the perspectives required for global corporate management.
    • Able to formulate management strategies that consider global perspectives.
  6. 6. Communication skills
    Possesses effective communication skills.
    • Able to produce clear and logically consistent documents.
    • Capable of communicating verbally in a logical manner when giving presentations or engaging in negotiations.

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