Against a backdrop of increasingly sophisticated, complex, and internationalized economic activities, industry managerial roles and skills in production, sales, finance, and human resources are becoming more specialized. As this trend grows, so will the demand for highly competent leaders who can integrate and coordinate the activities of these specialists towards achieving their organization's goals.

Meanwhile, advances in IT and other sectors are opening a variety of possibilities for what businesses can do, transforming people's lifestyles and consumer needs. Furthermore, people are expected to pay closer attention than ever to the impact of macroeconomic conditions--such as the escalation of global environmental problems and the emergence of resource constraints--on the way we conduct our individual and business decisions.

The master's program of the Keio Business School (KBS) aims to develop outstanding, innovative leaders who can accurately anticipate changes, integrate and orchestrate the activities of highly sophisticated professionals, and actualize valuable organizational goals in today's highly interactive and global economy.

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