About the Program

The Graduate School of Business Administration at Keio University consists of two-year master's programs and a three-year doctoral program. In contrast to the two-year master's programs that aims to train business leaders, the three-year doctoral program was launched with the objective of educating professionals with advanced knowledge of business administration, and educators and researchers at universities and other research institutions.

In our doctoral program, in order to submit doctoral dissertation, students are required to completing elective subjects in business administration, prepare teaching materials called "cases" by themselves, and take and pass a comprehensive examination in their major field.

Students with the aforementioned qualities may apply regardless of the field of study in which they majored in the master's program at their home university, but they are strongly encouraged to have sufficient motivation to study and an awareness of the issues involved in their studies in order to apply and complete the program.
*Our Ph.D program is Japanese-based. A good command of Japanese is mandatory for foreign students.

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