Executive Education

In addition to degree programs, Keio Business School offers five types of non-degree programs for business executives and people in business community, as well as some in-company seminars. These non-degree executive programs and in-company seminars, are regularly scheduled and taught by our faculty members. Most of the classes in the executive programs are conducted based on the case method.

Advanced Management Seminar

This is an eight-day intensive seminar designed for senior executives. Current and important management issues are covered mostly by the case method. Teaching staff consists of six to seven professors of Keio Business School, Harvard University, and other distinguished business schools abroad. Some business leaders will also be invited as guest speakers for special lectures. This program is held off-campus in summer, late July to early August at Osaka.

Middle Management Seminar

This is an eight-day general management program for middle management personnel. This program is held off-campus twice a year, in September (Kyoto) and November (Izu-Imaihama). Faculty from Keio Business School teaches around 20 cases and gives several lectures. The participants stay at a hotel throughout the duration of the seminar.

Weekend Seminar Management Development Intensive Program ("MDIP")

MDIP mainly targets practitioners who have full-time jobs and no time to spare for attending the school curriculum during the weekdays. This course, consisting of three consecutive Saturdays, focuses on specific subjects of the eight core MBA areas including "Management Strategy", "Marketing", "Decision-making and Management Systems", "Innovative Organizational Management", "Health Care Policy and Management", "Production System Innovation", "Accounting and Control" and

"Financial Management." This seminar is characterized by the case method in which participants can communicate with and learn from each other, leading to an accumulation of knowledge and the building of human relation networks. This study program has inspired some past participants to move on to the MBA program.

Issue Seminar

This course focuses on specific issues such as the biotechnology-based business, management of technology, global strategy, and entrepreneurial ventures, and is conducted through the case method and lectures.

International Networks
Most seminar programs are conducted in Japanese language.

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